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Since 2008, Dr. Education Mom has been helping families navigate the IEP and Gifted Education process. Our lead advocate, Philene Harte holds a PhD in Curriculum & Instruction and a Masters Degree in Teaching & Learning specializing in teaching students with Special Needs. 

Having successfully managed cases in school districts across Florida, Texas, New York, Mississippi, Georgia & Ohio, Dr. EducationMom is confident that you will be satisfied with your results.

Whether you want to learn more about the IEP process, or your child has an IEP and you need help to navigate IEP meetings and challenges, contact Dr. EducationMom for a consultation. 

Asking questions can help you be more informed, prepared and confident as a member of the IEP team.

First-Rate Advocates


Special Education Advocacy is a separate, specialized area of knowledge that requires cross training in wide and multiple bodies of knowledge (education, special education, law and clinical arenas)  that need to be maintained and updated regularly.

Special education advocates are committed professionals who help parents secure free appropriate public education for their children with disabilities. Advocates promote dignity and respect for every individual with disabilities by promoting vigorous enforcement of state and federal civil and human rights laws. 

Our Mission for Inclusion: What We Help With

•   Specific learning disabilities
•   Special education practices & services  
•   Behavior health and management
•   Family and school dynamics
•   Disability awareness
•   Educational & clinical evaluation tools
•   Neuropsychological evaluations of children with developmental delays & learning     disabilities*
•   Educational need identification
•   Specially designed instruction
•   IDEA, ADA and other federal and state laws that impact children with disabilities
•   ADAAA - 504, Chapter 15
•   Procedural safeguards
•   Assistive technology
•   Research based progress monitoring
•   Dyslexia
•   Dysgraphia

•  Dyscalcula

•   Inter-agency coordination
•   Mental health supports
•   Inclusion supports and consulting
•   Transitional planning
•   DSM - 5 changes and effects
•   Autism
•   Sensory regulation
•   ADHD
•   Executive functioning
•   Behavioral interventions , FBAs, BIPS, positive behavioral interventions
•   Bullying documentation and interventions
•   IEP documentation practices vs Due Process documentation practices
•   Twice exceptional programming
•   Gifted education
•   Due Process prevention and Lawyer selection if needed*
•   School record maintenance and requests


*Referrals available upon request 


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